What is Georgia's IV-E Prevention Plan?

Georgia’s Title IV-E Prevention Plan is a plan that the state of Georgia must submit to the federal government in order to seek reimbursement for prevention services under the Family First Act.

The plan has two components- the narrative plan and the pre-print. The narrative plan describes how Georgia will implement prevention services under Family First. The pre-print  specifies the policies that support this work and meet the regulatory requirements.

The sections included in the narrative plan are:

  • Eligibility and Candidacy Identification
  • Title IV-E Prevention Services (Service Description and Oversight)
  • Child Specific Prevention Plan
  • Monitoring Child Safety
  • Evaluation Strategy and Waiver Request
  • Child Welfare Workforce Training and Support
  • Prevention Caseloads
  • Assurance on Prevention Program Reporting

>>Download Georgia's draft narrative Title IV-E Prevention Plan

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