How will the Family First Act change the work of the child welfare system?

The Division of Family and Children Services and its stakeholders have always put families first and Georgia will soon receive even more tools to do just that. The Family Act First allows Title IV-E money to be used for evidence-based programs that help keep families together safely and kids out of foster care.

Under the Family First Act, we hope to see a broader service array of evidence-based programs. To build this capacity will require coordination with other state agencies and contracted providers. The child welfare system will also have to look beyond services that are reimbursable by IV-E Prevention Services funding to identify ways to meet other needs of families, including housing and income supports and invest in preventing child abuse and neglect altogether.

Funding available under the Family First Act allows the state to support communities and extended families as the primary support for families in need, rather than funding the intervention of foster care.

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